2022/23 Victorian Masters Championships

Two days of fun in the Doncaster sun for our 40+ members produced many PBs and lots of medals.

This year the championship included a team theme with Essendon combining with Aberfeldie Masters, Keilor St Bernard’s and Western Athletics. Participation was just as important as performance.

Everyone chipped in and helped run the show but big thanks to Doreen who was out on the jump pits for both days.

Sukhjivan Singh 60m: 08.38 (1.2) (3rd); 100m: 12.95 (1.2) (3rd); 200m: 27.37 (-0.4) (5th);
Mark Hambling Discus: 28.62m (2nd); Hammer Throw: 26.39m (2nd) PB (93cm); Javelin: 23.99m (4th) PB (31cm); Shot Put: 10.51m (2nd);

Mark Harper 60m: 07.81 (-0.9) (2nd); 100m: 11.62 (0.4) (1st); 200m: 24.11 (-0.7) (1st);
Marlon Cummings 60m 07.98 (-0.9) (4th); 100m: 12.35 (0.4) (6th); 200m: 25.59 (-0.7) (3rd);
Brett Maurer 100m: 11.72 (0.4) (2nd) SB; 400m: 53.42 (1st);
Matt Goodger 800m: 3:24.72 (7th); SB
Matt Makin Discus: 22.56m (4th); PB (84cm); Hammer Throw: 18.06m (5th) PB (3cm); Javelin: 18.55m (7th) PB (67cm); Shot Put: 7.64m (5th) SB;

Mark Giglio: 60m: 07.79 (-1.3) (1st); 100m: 12.11 (1.1) (1st) SB; 200m: 25.29 (-2.0) (1st);
Kris Lakusa: 60m: 08.00 (-0.7) (5th); 100m 12.59 (1.1) (6th) SB; 200m: 26.90 (-2.0) (4th) SB; Shot Put: 9.95m (4th);
Spase Veljanovski: 60m 08.94 (-0.7) (12th); 100m: 14.27 (1.1) (9th); 200m: 30.21 (1.7) (P); 400m: 66.15 (4th);
800m: 2:38.01 (5th) PB (2 sec)

Mark Carey 1500m 5:35.85 (5th);
Richard Brophy Discus: 27.75m (3rd); High Jump: 1.60m (1st) SB; Triple Jump: 9.54m (0.6) (1st)SB ;

Stephen Murphy1500m Walk: 10:40.25 (2nd) SB; 3000m Walk: 22:44.49 (3rd)
Brian Anderson 3000m Walk: 20:47.88 (1st);

John Cooper 400m: 72.79 (2nd); 800m: 2:49.17 (1st) SB Shot Put: 7.52m (4th);
David Jones 800m 3:29.99 (4th); 1500m: 6:47.96 (5th); Hammer Throw: 14.38m (5th);

Melissa Foster 60m: 08.42 (-1.8) (1st); 100m: 13.34 (0.1) (1st); 80m Hurdles: 14.85 (-0.1) (1st); High Jump: 1.35m (1st); Javelin: 24.96m (3rd); Shot Put: 8.34m (3rd);

Kim Walsh Discus: 20.52m (4th); Hammer: 27.49m (2nd) PB (1cm); Javelin: 27.00m (2nd); Long Jump: 3.82m (+0.0) (2nd); Shot Put: 9.60m (3rd) PB(19cm); Triple Jump: 8.90m (-0.2) (1st) PB(52cm); Weight Throw: 11.78m (2nd) PB (4.6m!)

Maggie Armstrong: 100m: 17.29 (1.0) (4th); 200m: 36.53 (3rd); 400m: 83.79 (2nd); 800m: 3:20.87 (5th) PB (2 sec); 1500m: 7:03.50 (3rd); Javelin: 9.41m (2nd) PB;