2022/23 Presentation Day

Congratulations to all our athletes an coaches on a phenomenal 2022/23. It was wonderful to all come together to celebrate the end of the season. A big thank you to Kim Walsh and Kelly Wood on coordinating the event and to Ryk Neethling for photographing the day. Thank you to Athletics Victoria CEO Matthew Duck on attending to present the H. H. Hunter Shield award.

Congratulations to all our award recipients:

Senior Athlete of the Year: Linden Hall
Junior Athlete of the Year: Archie Noakes

John Higham Award: Jannik Ernst
Elaine McLeod Award: Kim Walsh
Arthur Whitchell Award: David Jones

Age Group Awards
Most Valuable Athlete: Armani Mauriohooho (U14)
Most Outstanding Athlete: Ela Uzun (U14)
Most Valuable Athlete: Amelia Ashton (U16)
Most Outstanding Athlete:Sukhnoor Rangi (U16)
Most Valuable Athlete: Amanda Wrout (U18)
Most Outstanding Athlete:Sophia Gregorevic (U18)
Most Valuable Athlete: Emily Newton (U20)
Most Outstanding Athlete: Kaylee Mangion (U20)
Most Valuable Athlete: Joanna Margiolis (Open)
Most Outstanding Athlete: Mikeala Selaidinakos (Open)
Most Valuable Athlete: Kim Walsh (40+)
Most Outstanding Athlete: Anna Kasapis (40+)

Most Valuable Athlete: Noah Tarallo (U14)
Most Outstanding Athlete:Noah Tarallo (U14)
Most Valuable Athlete: Raveen Alwis (U16)
Most Outstanding Athlete:Charles Barrett (U16)
Most Valuable Athlete: Mackenzie Leith (U18)
Most Outstanding Athlete: Kevin Healy (U18)
Most Valuable Athlete: Zachary Hijazi (U20)
Most Outstanding Athlete: Liam Glew (U20)
Most Valuable Athlete: Matthew Millington (Open)
Most Outstanding Athlete: Benan Oztorun (Open)
Most Valuable Athlete: Kristian Lakusa (40+)
Most Outstanding Athlete: Brett Maurer (40+)