2020/2021 Season Membership Fee Update

During the week, Athletics Victoria announced changes to their membership costs as a result of the proposed condensed 2020/21 season caused by the covid pandemic.

Athletics Essendon’s fees have consistently been among the most affordable of all athletics clubs in Victoria. Generally, most club fees across Victoria range from $50 – $150 – we ask for $60 for full members.

In light of the changes made by AV, the Athletics Essendon committee sat this week and decided the following: 

For the remainder of this season, our club fees will remain as they are ($60). However, in line with the AV fee reductions, we are offering all full members a 50% refund on our club fees for anyone who requests this (i.e. you pay the $60, and if you request it – we give you $30 back). Again, this 50% refund is available to ALL full Athletics Essendon members should you wish to request for it.

To receive this discount:

  • Register with Athletics Victoria after November 5th (AV not allowing registrations before this date) as normal
  • Email Treasurer Adrian Fitzgerald ( with the following
  • Advise that you would like to receive the 50% refund, and
  • Send through bank account details (Account name, account number and BSB).
  • Following confirmation that your registration and payment has been processed by AV and recognised by us, your refund will be sent to your account.

Athletes who have already registered for the 2020/21 season are also able to request the refund.

If you have any questions regarding the 50% refund, please get in touch with Adrian Fitzgerald – 0429 890 575, or