Middle/long distance

QUALIFICATION  Level 3 middle/long distance coach also swim, cycle & triathlon
PHONE 0412 403 910
AT TRACK Monday & Thursday 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Barb is part of Benson’s EPS – a group with a 40 year coaching record aimed to obtain significant improvement. Benson’s EPS is also about technique using ‘before’ and ‘after’ videos. Kenyan Moses Kiptanui, perhaps the greatest ever 3000m Steeplechaser runner said “If I had known what you [Benson’s EPS] have just shown me I would have run 6 seconds faster”. Join with Barb to have fun and optimise your potential.



QUALIFICATION Level 3 Specialist Coach – high jump
PHONE 0404 022 355
AT TRACK Monday and Wednesday nights,6pm to 7:30pm
Martin has been coaching for twenty plus years and has coached from little athletics up to State champions, national level competitors and Junior Internationals in the long, triple and high jumps.He welcomes people to his group who are prepared to train hard and be committed, even if that is only one night a week. His training is based around improving the dynamic power of athletes and has strong focus on technique and use of plyometrics to increase strength and power.


Sprints, hurdles & jumps

QUALIFICATION Level 4 sprints, hurdles, relays and jumps coach
PHONE 9376 5001 or 0439 575 017
AT TRACK Tues & Thu at 5:30pm, Sun 10:00am. Other evenings gym and running on grass at Windy Hill
Brad joined Essendon as a 16 year old. He has been coaching at the club since 2000. Brad is a highly respected Physical Education teacher holding the position of Director of Sport at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School.  He was the Australian Sprints and Jumps coach at the World Junior Championships 2008 in Poland and 2010 in Canada. Brad is a level 4 ATFCA accredited sprints and hurdles coach.  He has coached many state open and junior champions in sprints, hurdles and long jump.


Discus, Shot Put & Hammer

QUALIFICATION Throwing experience (Awaiting AA registration)
PHONE 0421 750 947
AT TRACK Tues,Thu and Sundays
Graham has had huge experience as a throws competitor, and more recently, coaching. Graham has best performances of discus 61.77m, shot 15.69m, hammer 55.27m and javelin 63.09m. He has held Victorian & Tasmanian championships in discus and shot. He continues to hold the Tasmanian discus record. He will be at available regularly at Aberfeldie.


Middle/long distance & steeplechase

QUALIFICATION Level 5 middle/long distance coach
PHONE 9335 4848
AT TRACK Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu & Fri at 6:00pm. Sunday at 9:00am
Gregor migrated to Australia from Poland in 1997. He was a top junior and senior runner winning several medals at Poland National Championships and represented his birth country 7 times. His pbs are 3:45.89 for 1500m, 8:03.4 for 3000m and 13:51.88 for 5000m. Since coming to Australia Gregor has been coaching at Essendon building up a very successful squad of runners. So far his athletes have won over 30 medals at National Championships.


Mark Carey  MARK CAREY

Distance running
QUALIFICATION Level 3 Middle & Long distance
PHONE 0421 187 858
AT TRACK Regularly with his group by arrangement
Mark’s training is based on much of the Arthur Lydiard coaching principles. Lydiard was voted runners world coach of the century in the year 2000. He has been involved in athletics as a coach and athlete since 1978 and still competes for the Essendon club.



QUALIFICATION Level 5 jumps coach
PHONE 0422 394 968 or website
AT TRACK Regularly at track weekday evenings.
Vasily was silver medallist triple jumper at 1982 European Championships and had world’s best leap in 1983 with 17.55 metres. Vasily coaches a team of male and female long and triple jumpers to elite level, including the current Australian Open men’s and women’s champion.



QUALIFICATION Level 3 advanced jumps coach, level 2 club coach
PHONE 0404 899 903
AT TRACK Regularly
Experienced jumps coach with outstanding personal performance record having won the Australian triple jump championship 7 times and the bronze medal at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.


Middle/long distance

QUALIFICATION Level 4 middle/long distance coach
PHONE 0400 160 223
AT TRACK Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm to 6:45pm
As part of the Benson’s EPS group Frances has been coaching for 7 years, qualifying as a Level 4 Track & Field Coach in 2008, following her own athletic involvement at state and national level. Frances works with junior and senior developing athletes with a focus on technique and improvement gained from running efficiently. She has coached junior athletes to National Track and Cross Country Championships and works as the middle and distance technical coach with Maribyrnong Senior College -Sports Academy.


Sprints, horizontal jumps
QUALIFICATION Level 2 intermediate Club Coach
PHONE 9337 6995
AT TRACK Tues, Wed, Thu & Sundays all at 5:30pm
Elaine followed her many years as an elite sprinter by passing her skills onto aspiring sprinters and long jumpers. Elaine coaches juniors, through to state and national level.

Steve Smith Pic  STEVE SMITH

QUALIFICATION Level2 Sprints Relays & Hurdles
PHONE  0401 967 574
AT TRACK Most training days

Steve provides empowering and firm leadership showing attributes of openness, honesty, collaboration and innovation. He enacts as the fundamental coaching purpose the forming an environment for enjoyable participation, encouraging commitment and trust with a focus on the aspirations of the athletes. He nurtures growth in a positive, supportive and ongoing learning environment of developmental progressive systems that address athlete need and targets improvements in performance.



QUALIFICATION Level 2 – Event group coach – Sprints & Relays
PHONE 5674 6035
AT TRACK Tues, Wed & Thurs 4.30pm to 6pm. Sunday 9am to 11am
Max has been a member of Essendon for in excess of 40 years performing at a high level in sprints for an amazing length of time. He has been coaching sprinters for the past 30 years, and has coached numerous Vic Title holders (male and female) as well as place getters in Australian Titles (at junior and U23 level).



QUALIFICATION Level 5 Sprints & Relays
PHONE  0412 646 521
AT TRACK Tues & Thurs at 6pm.
Steve has been a successful and respected sprint coach for 36 years.