AV Shield Round 3 Report.

AV Shield Round 3 Report. October 20, 2018

Report br John Cooper

Report for Round 3 of Shield
Most of the Athletics Essendon action was at Williamstown on a typical Melbourne day… overnight rain threatened to disrupt the day but eventually we only had wind and sunny breaks to contend with.
A big thanks to everyone – athletes, parents and friends who jumped in and helped with our rostered Long Jump duties. This is an ongoing task for our club and we really need as many people helping as possible. Remember, many hands make light work!
Some good team results with M40+, U/14. WU/20 and U/14 all winning their competition.
Men’s Open and U/18 teams as well as Women’s U/18 and U/ 16 teams finished close seconds.
All teams are still in line for Shield Final at this stage.
Remember you need to compete 4 times and have a ranking in your Final event to compete on Feb 23 at Lakeside.
Another quick point for Team Managers and athletes, is to check your results on the AV website. We have found many errors which may cost your team points. Hopefully everyone has worked out the new scoremobile system….it’s fairly easy and has lots of information.
Maria Strong achieved the highest individual score of 523 points for her seated discus.
Others to score well were Junior Mabia (welcome back!) 100m (441pts), Greg Mitchell & Dominic Hoskings 400m (435pts each), Marco Pitisano 1500m (425), Olympian Chris Erikson 3K walk (474), Trevor Wilson discus (484) and javelin (414), Catherine Mendes 100m (483), Nina Lawson 100m (448), Emilie Guy 1500m (475), Montana Djatschenko long jump (467) & Emily Portaro long jump (464).
Well done to everyone who got out and had a go on the day!
And if you were at Williamstown, you got to see a fantastic 4 x 100m Open relay….let’s see if all our teams can get a 4 X 400 relay team organised this Sat….big points on offer.
Yellow Zone is at Doncaster again for Round 4.
Let’s see if we can’t get 10 out of 10 wins…..look for our banner and tear drop for your club area.

Check out photos from round 3 on our Facebook page!


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